Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where Am I ? Who Am I? What Is My Future?

Its kind of funny.  These days when I do take the train to the city area during peak hours, I feel as if I am in a foreign country.  Almost half the train are filled with alien-looking faces.  I feel so overwhelmed and I will naturally scan the sea of faces to figure out who are the true blue Singaporeans.  I say its funny because this is something we normally do when we are in a foreign land ..... but but but .... this is Singapore, My Country, My Home, My Future.

Foreigners are now even doing mundane jobs in every sector of  the labour industry -  customer service, retail, clerical, administrative,  F&B, food courts, coffee shops, etc etc. You know something?  Even the red light district can't do without the foreigners!!!

I think the sentiments of this Singaporean Indian Factory Owner, more or less,  sum up the sentiments of all Singaporeans. 

"When I go for a function and I see only expat Indians, I feel uncomfortable - like the Future Is Being Taken Over By Expats.  What will happen in 15 or 20 years' time when my children start work?"  My sentiments exactly!

PS:  I've categorised this post under 'Sad News' and 'Joke' because it is not only a Joke but it is also very very Sad.

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