Saturday, September 12, 2009

Would You Pay $582,000 for This Dog?

A filthy rich young Chinese woman paid $582,000 for this black Tibetan Mastiff.

The 18-month-old dog arrived at its new owner’s home in stupendously excessive style. A motorcade of 30 black-coloured luxury cars cruised to the airport in Xi’an, China to take delivery of this dog named Yangtze 2. Curious onlookers gathered to celebrate the arrival of the city’s new resident.

If the figure of $582,000 is accurate, it makes Yangtze 2 (named after the Yangtze River) possibly the most expensive pet dog in history. Earlier this year, a family in Florida paid $155,000 for a Labrador called Lancelot Encore. That price included the cost of cloning the original Lancelot.

The young millionaire, according to one report on a Chinese Web site, fell in love with the dog while on a breeding trip to Qinghai province. The woman, referred to only as Mrs. Wang, had been travelling to the town of Yushu with a Tibetan Mastiff that she already owned with a view to mating it with the famously pure-blooded hounds of that region.

While there though she spotted a dog known as White Root and knew immediately that she had to make it hers. Another version of the story suggests that the woman had spent some years in the quest for the perfect Tibetan Mastiff and was satisfied that the dog she found in Yushu was it.

“Gold has a price, but this Tibetan Mastiff doesn’t,” the young woman reportedly said on her return home.

My say: All I can say is that the money spent could have put to better use, such as feeding the needy.

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