Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Setting Goals

Found this very creative and attention-grabbing Job Ad that I want to share with you. The career as a Financial Consultant may not be attractive to some but the stories in the Ad are very real.

"Situation 1
A had just finished his NS and Diploma. He went into employment using his hard-earned certification. Having worked in first company for 2 years, he was retrenched when the department shifted out of Singapore. He went to another company and got a pay raise. But after another 2 years, he heard news of shutting down again. He went into the 3rd company and stayed for the next 10 years. He got married and had 2 kids, a decent 4 room flat and a Toyota car.

He slogged and tolled until his kids reached age 20+ and he was already in his mid-50s. He planned to retire at 60 but he was bothered by poor health and lost his job.

He could not find another job and had to depend on allowances handed out to him by his children until his last breath. He looked back with regret, that time flies and that he had never enjoyed life at all.

Situation 2
B went into self employment straight after his NS. The first few years were tough as he was surviving from paycheque to paycheque. However after the third year, he got his breakthrough, $5k every month at the minimum.

After 10 years in the industry, at the age of mid-30s, he already made more then a million in total over the years, had 2 properties that he rented out, and drove a BMW. He was also holding the position of a Manager with a strong team of 6.

When B turned 40, he slow down his business, so he could start doing what he like. From writting books to giving speeches to sharing his success stories, he didn't mind doing it even for free as he was technicially retired.

He traveled the world and living the high life. He seen alot and learnt to help the needy instead of being the needy himself.

He died a happy man.

So please take a minute to answer the following questions:
1) Who do you want to be, A or B?

If your answer is B, we would like to consider you in this career as a Financial Consultant. The journey is tough but the rewards are great. The path is commonly misunderstood, but those who see it with a open mind, the fulfilling factor is unlike others.

Give yourself a chance to explore the different side of you and make the kind of income you wouldn't imagine.

Drop us a resume with your latest picture and we shall get in touch with you shortly".

Moral of the Story:

If you want something out of life, you need to set realistic and measurable goals. Know what you want out of your career, set career goals in your career path, know where you are heading so that you don't end up like 'A'.

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