Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am going to be Filthy Rich!

Not quite. Almost everyday, I received scam emails notifying me that I have won huge sum of money through their online lucky draws or lotteries. For the uninitiated, it might seem so real. It goes something like this (this is a shorter version that is not so convincing):

"Nokia has awarded you the sum of 1,000000.00 Pounds.

Fill in below your:

Full Name, Occupation, Home address, Sex, Age, Telephone Number.

Mr Daniel Williams."

Almost everyday, I also received scam emails, mostly from Africa, sometimes from Hongkong or China. Such emails almost always use the same old story with some variations. If greed gets the better of the person, he or she will end up poorer in term of money and self esteem.

On top of this, most of us would , at one time or another, received chain emails or emails regarding some rumours or unverified facts or myths.

Instead of circulating them, we should probably get it verified at - lots of interesting stuff such as rumours, scams, frauds, old wife tales, facts or myths, etc, for your reading pleasure.

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