Monday, July 27, 2009

English As It Is Spoken

Songs should be catchy with easy-to-remember lyrics. More so when it comes to national songs so that the masses can sing them in harmony. This year's official National Day Parade (NDP) Song leaves much to be desired in these aspects. 2 unofficial so-called National Songs have been featured in the Youtube and are quite well received such that some are clammering for these 2 songs to be included in this year NDP Songs.

This song "Things So Singaporean" is very catchy and and easy to sing with proper English lyrics that Singaporean can relate to. I am all for this song to be included in this year's NDP Songs, perhaps with slight fine-tuning.

This song "LeKuaSiMi"(What Do You See), the Singlish version of this Year's NDP Theme Song is quite catchy but spattered with too much Singlish that many people can relate to. I am not in favour of this song to be included in this year's NDP Songs.

Because if we speak too much Singlish, we will end up speaking like this:

And if we speak Singlish, Foreigners will find difficulty understanding us. So here you have it: Native English Speakers poking fun at Singapore's Singlish!

Even the Taiwanese who hardly speak English are criticising Singaporeans for their bad English. Of course, they are all under the common fallacy that speaking good English means speaking it with an American Slang and Tone - That's rubbish!

Moral of the Story: If we must speak English, then speak proper English - just don't speak lazily and be natural, no need to slang.

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