Monday, June 1, 2009

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

Susan Boyle of "Britain's Got Talent" became an overnight celebrity worldwide through the video and the internet. The camera cleverly captures it all and play it up in the following sequences:
  • Simon Cowell's cynical looks during the introduction stage.
  • Susan's indifference to the laughter and jeering as if to say: "wait till you hear me sing and see who is laughing when I become an overnight success".
  • When she says "I dream to be a professional Singer" and "I dream to be like Elaine Paige", the camera zoom in on the cynical expressions of the 2 ladies in the audience.
  • When she starts to sing and when the beautiful voice came out of her month, Simon's eyes almost pop out, Amanda's jaws almost drop out in disbelief and there were standing ovation all round.
  • The camera cleverly plays up the atmosphere and and when the singing reaches a high pitch, the camera zooms in on the huge audience, the judges' expression, the 2 hosts' loud vocal expression and then onto the stage which then reach the highest point - "all hell break loose".
  • When the singing finally ends, everyone is on his feet with the judges giving the "biggest Yes!" and saying that it was the "Biggest Wakeup Call Ever!" and "Biggest Surprise".

Everybody has dreams. I dream of becoming a Pilot, Ship Captain and Photographer but these are just dreams. My math is not good enough so I can never be a pilot or a ship captain. So these will remain dreams, like Susan sings "I dreamed a Dream". Photographer? I never pursue it as a career but that doesn't mean I cannot pursue it as a hobby. To me, photography is being able to capture the essence, the right moment and being able to "see what the subject is saying or expressing". I just need to have some basic technical skills to start clicking away and like they say - "A Picture Tells A Thousand Words".

When I bought my first camera some years also, I started clicking away and exploring with it during gatherings, holidays and when I am in the great outdoors. I more or less stopped after a while. Recently, this adventure spirit in photography was rekindled by accident.

I was at the east coast on some errands. I reached Marine Parade at about 6.40am. As I was on my way back travelling along the East Coast Parkway, I thought to myself: Hey, I still have have some time in my hand and why not go to the east coast park?. So I decided to filter out to the East Coast Park and head towards the Bedok Jetty at east coast park. It was like a homecoming to me and back to my roots. I used to live in Marine Parade where I could conveniently take a 5 minute walk to the beach to do jogging, cycling, swimming, roller blading or simply stroll and watch the world goes by.

As I reached the East Coast Park where the beach is, I suddenly see things in a different light. At this time of the day, everything looks and sounds beautiful. I was not armed with a camera but I have a handphone camera with me. So when I saw the glorious sunrise at around 6.50pm, I started to click away while I was on the Bedok Jetty, now an Angler's favourite fishing spot. Here are the pictures I took:

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