Monday, June 8, 2009

Originality and Element of Surprise.

Actually, I don't watch "Britain's Got Talent" or "America's Got Talent" or Singapore's Got Talent (just kidding but you never know with Mediacorp of Singapore).

Well it all started with Susan Boyle. After her audition, I see her name almost everywhere. I got curious and wondered: "Who the hell is Susan Boyle?". So I checked out Youtube and stumbled on a dance act by Signature of Britain's Got Talent (2008).

I enjoyed watching it because of the element of surprise in this dance act by Signature. They really wowed the judges and the audience with their originality and element of surprise. I hope you enjoy watching it even if you're not a fan of Britain's Got Talent like me.

Britain's Michael Jackson doing a Bollywood.

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