Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Move Over 'Best Job In The World' Here comes "Job of the Month"

Forums serve as interesting platforms to interact. Even if you don't interact or 'overact' (as the case may be) on the forums, you can get some interesting stuff and feedback there. You will never know what you can find there.

Regular forum users use the forums to create backlinks to their blogs. These forumers will have something to say so long as the topic is interesting or something that they can relate to. If they got nothing to write, they will just put a 'smile' (or otherwise) and say something short and sweet like wow, agree, great etc etc.

Found this job ad in a job forum that attracts quite a following:

Advertiser wrote:
"Anybody wanna get paid for chopping tree?

I've this huge mango tree at home - 3 stories high. You must have the appropriate tools for removing this tree. So anybody interested to do this job, PM me."

Respondent A wrote:
"Wow ... erm ... 3 stories tall, pay how much? I think you need professional help, if (the tree) come down (and) land on the person (it) is really 'good game'"

Respondent B wrote:
"Wow 3-storey high mango tree ... got beehive in the tree or not?"

Respondent C wrote:
"Well, I might be able to do it, but I need to find myself a new axe and saw first. I left them in Malaysia and I can't bring them over. Unless you are willing to provide me with , well ... axe, saw, ladder and shovel, I can consider (taking up the job).

To be frank, the tallest tree I chopped off before is still slightly less than 2 levels high, ya, so well, thats quite some work.

Anyway, may I know if you want the tree stump to be chopped off only, or you want the roots to be dug out as well. Digging the roots cost double the price 'FYI'. I am charging $200 and 400 respectively.

Can SMS me at 975XXXXX."

Respondent D wrote:
"Job of the month ... interesting job."

Respondent E:
"By the way how old is the tree?"

Respondent B again wrote:
"Town councils short of tree cutters. Perhaps you can go there for interviews."

Respondent F wrote:
"Agree ... Job of the Month! "

Footnote: Actually, I found it kind of amusing that I actually tried to post a reply by adding some fuel to the fire but was rejected because the system was busy. On second thought, I am just wondering whether the whole thing was just a joke - the chief forumer trying to create a buzz?

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