Friday, May 8, 2009

Its Now Safe To Go For Toilet Break!

Yes, its now safe to go for Toilet Break! No, I am not talking about some Health Issues or about catching some germs or catching the H1N1 virus (aka Mexican Flu) in the Toilet.

I am talking about the infamous "Toilet Break Escape" by Mas Selamat from the Whitley Detention Centre in Singapore last year. Yes, this Man has been captured in Johor Bahru, West Malaysia after tip-off from Singapore. The headline in the Straits Times dated 8 May 2009 screams: "MAS SELEMAT CAPTURED".

That's why I say its now safe to go for Toilet Break. After all, Singapore, especially the ISD (Internal Security Department) , for the past 13 months must have been the target of many sick "Toilet Break Jokes".

To this man, Mas Selamat, its Freedom at all cost. To Singapore and the world, its Lock him up at all cost......and No More Toilet Break for him!!!

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