Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tripple Tragedies at Geylang Serai - Eating Rojak

It is really sad to hear that 2 elderly women have died and another 38 years old woman suffered miscarriage after eating 'Indian Rojak', a local favourite dish of mixed food items, as a result of acute food poisoning, not forgetting about hundred of the diners who were affected.

This is a tripple tragedies because 3 lives are lost taking into consideration the life of the unborn child. I mean we are supposed to enjoy our food. Food is the source of life and many of us in today's affluent societies more than not, "Live to Eat" rather than "Eat To Live" except for people in third world countries. Ability to enjoy food means we are still alive and kicking - that's what older people always say. But for these 2 woman, little did they know that that would be the last meal and lost of the unborn child.

This sad episode reminds me of the unhygienic habits of some food sellers.

Incident 1:
I used to patronise a Fish Porridge Stall in Marine Parade Central area. The food is good but not the extra ingredient. You see there is this middle aged and slightly overweight man who was dripping sweat all over his face and body (from the sweaty t-shirt) who brought the bowl of fish porridge to my table. I politely told him that he should wear a head band to prevent the sweat from dripping onto the food - a red band would be good so that he will look like Rambo and who knows this might be his famous trademark. I lost my appetite after that thinking of the extra salt added.

Incident 2:
I was once served by a food seller with extra long finger nails. He was holding the bowl of noodles with his finger nails dipping into the soup. I told him I am not going to eat it and mind you he was quite a huge guy with a fierce look.

Incident 3:
This one is really classic and it happens only recently. This is the indian food stall in Punggol Central Area that sell Indian Rojak (hopefully no relation to that stall or typical of such stall), Roti Prata and Bryani Rice. I love Mutton Bryani but I try not to eat too often unless I cannot suppress my lust and passion for it. In fact, I only ate this dish on 2 occasions at this stall.

You see, indian stall don't normally use plastic containers for takeaway food. Instead they like to use "paper type food wrapper" and so that they have a stack of food wrappers on the table top.

On the first occasion, I was at the stall, there is this rather unkempt man standing there with both elbows resting conveniently on the stack of food wrapper. After scooping the rice and the mutton, he reach out for the top layer of the stack of food wrapper as I had expected. I stopped him immediately and asked him to use another wrapper and ticked him off for having such unhygienic habit.

On the second occasion, I thought the stall would have learned its lesson. What to do, I was craving for the food. This time, a middle aged woman, apparently the wife, was standing next to the table top with both her palms on it as if this the stall's ritual or hands of God. I did what I did the last occasion. I never patronise that stall again.

In the same eating house, another eye-popping incident also disgusted me. This is the stall selling "Char Kway Teow" and "Hokkien Prawn Noodle". I was at the eating house when I observed this stall assistant sitting there peeling a bucketful of cooked prawn and his winged friends were flying around (like bees to honey) with some even feasting on it. I don't think I need to mention what these winged friends are. That almost made me puked.

Man....... hawker food, you have to eat it with your eyes wide closed. You will either love it or hate it.

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