Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sorry Is The Hardest Word To Say.....Literally

Singaporeans are just not producing enough and so one out of three of the population in Singapore are foreigners in line with the Government's flexible immigration policy to beef up the population. Why? They prefer pets like dogs than babies of their own kind. My neighbours are such good examples. Two couples are both childless. They both have 1 dog each - a small one and big one respectively.

Okay, I have no complaint against pet lovers. I am an animal lover myself but I will not keep them as pets. Why? I don't even have time to take care of myself!!!

The small dog is rather quiet and I only see it or realise its presence when its masters take it out for a walk. The other big one is a white coloured Snow Dog. This one always lie down at the entrance area behind the grille gate as its masters always keep the main doors open. Occasionally or once in a blue blue moon, it will bark at me when I walk pass it - mind you I have been staying here for 5 years already and it still doesn't recognise me short of wagging its tail at me in a friendly manner.

A few days ago, I was preoccupied with something on my mind when I walked pass the snow dog when it suddenly barked at me. That gave me a shock and I just said "shit". As I was walking away, I overheard the lady master asking the dog to "say sorry" to me. I just wondered how the hell is it going to "say" sorry to me. I mean I don't understand animal language, not to say dog language or rather dog barks. I was wrong until I stumbled on this video:

But you know what? I actually searched the whole Youtube for videos on "Dog Says Sorry" after stumbling upon "Dog Says I Love You" in Photobucket BUT CAME UP WITH NONE!!!. Sorry Is The Hardest Word To Say, indeed. You still can't train a dog to say Sorry!

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