Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rotating picture of Baroque Church - Great Stuff

Try's amazing! Keep going in one direction to get the 360 degrees view.

"Look back with forgiveness, ahead with hope, above with gratitude and around with compassion."

This is really cool

The art work of the Church is amazing. The way the picture can be manipulated, is another wonder. Enjoy the splendour of a Baroque church. Makes you feel that you are really there!

Click Here To Enjoy This Cool Stuff .

Make use of the buttons at the bottom of the picture to pan around, up & down.

You can also roll the mouse button to get up closer. (You may have to click on the "+" or "_" buttons to get the mouse-wheel to work?)

After having seen the incredible 360 degree photo by using all of these buttons, right-click anywhere in the picture and select type of view (Full Screen) for even a more incredible experience. Whoever made this was incredibly talented. Never saw anything even remotely like it!

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