Saturday, November 22, 2008

Learning Hokkien the "Kia" Way

Its the weekend. Relax and unwind. Forget your woes.
Found this funny article that is bound to tickle you. Anyway, the contents have been changed a little because of its slightly sensitive words. Here it goes:

Children is "kina kia"
Boy is "zha poh kia"
Girl is "zha boh kia"
Bird is "chiao kia"
Korean car is "kia"
Furniture is "Ikia"
Police is "mata kia"

Handphone is "Nokia"
Small house is "chu kia"
Picture is " ang kong kia "
My friend is a "Hokkien Kia"
Caucasian is "ang moh kia"
Chinese is "deng lang kia"
Japanese is "jit pun kia"
Bad guy is "pai kia"
Good guy is "ho kia"
Person who read this is "gong kia" *
If you laugh, you are "siao kia" *

* For the sake of non-hokkien kia:
"Hokkien is Singapore's Major Chinese Dialect"
"Gong Kia" roughly means Stupid Fool
"Siao Kia roughly means Crazy Fool

I almost fell off my chair laughing like a Siao Kia.
Have a "siao"...I mean Great Weekend !!!

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