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Paid-To-Click Program: This One Paid Me !!!

There are moneys to be made from the Internet and not all are free and I dare say most are scams. I am quite skeptical and I for one will not pay to join unless proven and guaranteed.

Introduction To Paid-To-Click Program

I want to share with you on Paid To Read (PTR) or Paid To Click (PTC) Programs. Most of them are free to join. It is popularly called PTC, so we shall refer to it as PTC.

Basically, the concept works like this.

  • Advertisers pay PTC Program Owners to Advertise their Advertisements (Ads)
  • PTC Program Owners bring to the attention of Members the Advertisers' Ads that are of interest to Members via emails (some sites allow you to log in to read the Ads)
  • Members click on ads and read for at least 30 seconds and get paid with points credited instantly
  • That basically meet the objectives of the advertisements.
  • The End Result - Advertisers are able to reach out to targeted audience while Program Owners get to earn and share the profit with members.
  • Usually, the reward to members is 1 cent (more or less) per click.

The are so many PTC Sites out there and many are scams. is DEFINITELY ONE OF SUCH SCAMS. It promises to pays $80 per click and minimum payment is $8888 and you can easily hit this amount within a month given the numerous ads to read. even has the cheek to say that " ALL HONEST MEMBERS WILL BE PAID". Logically speaking, how are they going to survive with the "HIGH PAYOUT ". Generally, "IF IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN IT CANNOT BE TRUE".

There Is Such Thing As "FREE LUNCH"

Yes there is, but you cannot get rich to click on ads. It is definitely a passive income. But look at it this way. Lets say you get an average of $10 per month per program and you join 10 programs. Multiply that you get $100 per month or $1200 per year. With referral scheme and downline tier earnings, you might be able to hit $100s in the long run as your downline grows. So look at it on a long term basis and be patient.

Recommended PTC Program

I want to recommend EmailCashPro to you. Why I recommend this Program? Reasons being:

  • This is a home-grown Program legitimately owned by a Singapore-Registered Company. It was even featured in the Sunday Times of Singapore.
  • It is a viable business concept but like all businesses it can fail
  • Its totally free and you can unsubscribe in the event you are unhappy with it
  • I have personally tried and tested this program and I was indeed paid $10 (minimum payout is $10 and multiples of $10)
  • I got my first paycheck in my PayPal account on 15 Oct 08. I joined this program 3 months ago out of curiosity. Then, patiently I watch it grows and kept my fingers crossed that I will be paid. Well, I was paid and I now look forward to my next payment
  • The following are my account statistics:
    Jul: 218.1 points converted to cash : S$1.2030
    (Gold Member Bonus S$5 when I hit 20 downline)
    Aug:411.15 points converted to cash :S$2.4742 Sep:745.55 points converted to cash :S$5.0731 15 Oct 08: Paid $10 with Bal S$3.7501 carried forward until I hit minimum payout.
    Downline as at 18 Oct 08:
    Level 1 : 116
    Level 2 : 86
    Level 3 : 4
    Level 4 : 2
    Level 5 : 0.

What Is Good?

The most powerful part of this program is the 4-tier earnings (5-tier when you hit 20 downline members). Personal earnings are negligible, about average of 1 Ad per day to read. As your downline grow you grow in term of earnings (as shown in above statistics)

How To Grow Downline?

You too can grow by inviting your friends and aquaintances (templates provided) to join or you can post your personal link on any high traffic locations like chat rooms, blogs, forums, social networks or web sites. Then just continue chatting or doing what you love and let the link take care of the rest.

Personal Advice/Tips

Open a new email account specially for such internet marketing purposes:

  • Use 'professionally-sounding' user names like cashlink, clickpay, goldclick, moneyclick etc(if available). Be creative, think out of the box.
  • Using names like babe, hotchick or even AhSeng, Ah Lian etc is a no-no because they sound so unprofessional and 'unserious'. Oh, incidentally, such names should never be used for submitting Resume. Prospective employers probably don't even take a look at your Resume.
  • For ease of reference and follow-up -It serves as a 'separate folder'. You can open as many accounts you like for specific purposes.
  • In the event they turn out to be not profitable or otherwise, this email account can then be placed under 'inactive mode'

So what have you got to loose. Join Now!
Before You Click Here to Sign Up, read the following detail from the PTC Owner

Step 1: Sign up as a member for FREE.
Join EmailCashPro as a member for free and select the kind of emails you are interested in receiving.

Step 2: Read emails that you are interested .
Receive Paid Emails that match your profile and interest. These emails will have subject headlines that start with **RewardAd**, followed by a description of the content of the Paid Email. Browse through the subject description. If you are interested in the subject, click on the link in the email to view the content.
Once you click on the Paid Link and visit the advertiser's website for 30 seconds, your account will be credited with 1 point. Your accumulated points will then be converted into cash credits on the first week of every month. The conversion is done based on 40% of our total earnings for the previous month. This means we share 40% of our total revenue with our members! Our conversion for the last few months ranges from 0.55 cents to 0.75 cents.

Step 3: Share good stuff with your friends
The most powerful part of EmailCashPro is the 4 level referral system. When you refer other people to join, you will receive 50% of your referral's earnings on level 1, 20% of your referral's earnings on level 2, 15% of your referral's earnings on level 3 and 10% of your referral's earnings on level 4.
Never underestimate the power of cents. With the 4 level referral system, your income can easily be in the order of $100s a month!
I’d rather have 1 percent of 100 people’s efforts than 100 percent of my own.” - J. Paul Getty, one of the world's first billionaire.
You can easily build your referral team by sending invitation letters, informing your friends about our latest members only offer or by sharing interesting Paid Emails with them. More details are provided in your Members Login Page.

Step 4: Receive cheque in your letter box
Once your account reaches our minimum payout of S$11, you can request for a cash-out from us. For Singapore members, you can cash out your earning through cheque or paypal. For International members, you can cash out through paypal. All payment will be made in Singapore dollars.

Click here for more details and signing-up

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