Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mushrooms or Toadstools???

Toadstools or Mushrooms - they are hard to differentiate. What's the difference anyway - they are all FUNGI.
I found them (see photos below) at Punggol Field where I live. The grass patches along the pedestrian walkway are littered with these Mushrooms. Mushroom sounds better than "Toad-Stool", I guessed. Hmm...I wonder who coin this word ToadStool or how this word was formed. He or she must have pictured it as a Stool for the Toad to Sit on, huh?.

They are actually quite pretty! And I just couldn't resist capturing them with my handphone camera, which is not so clear as to bring out the real beauty.

This one is cute but not so on picture and its for
single Toad with small small bum to sit on!

It doesn't look so pretty on picture and its for
triple-sharing - for Papa Toad, Mama Toad
and Baby Toad to sit on!

I like this one. Its rather cute and pretty. This
is for Toad with big bum to sit on or lie down
for sunbathing






Toads or Frogs? What's the difference? How to differentiate them. This
is easy. We all learned it in school - Toad has rough and dry skin whilst
frog has smooth and wet skin. That's not too difficult, isn't it.
Anyway, they are all Anurans - tailless amphibians.

Actually come to think of it, all I wanted was to capture these images and
share them with you but I end up making a joke out of them....hehehe

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