Monday, April 7, 2008


This morning I woke up with a bit of anxiety as I will be very busy for the next 3 days in a personal pursuit but something made me said


The newspapers front page headlines caught my eyes a second time. Yesterday, It was also one of the headlines. Both headlines were given centre-page exposure in the front page.

The Story:
National badminton player Ronald Susilo might take legal action against former fiancee National table tennis player Li Jiawei. He wants her to return the money he had put in buying their car and condominium.

The Headline Yesterday: Show Me the Money

The Headline Today: Jiawei Hits Back

Its as if they are playing a match of "badmintabletennis".

The Background:
The Guy is an Indonesian import. Did quite well on the international arena but not on the world stage thus far. Nothing to show for in the last one year at least due to any injury.

The Gal is a China import. Did slightly better on the international arena but not on the world stage. Hopefully, she does so in the coming Olympic.

Doom to fail from the beginning: One speak reasonably ok English and Indonesian Language. The other speak Mandarin and hardly any English. Its a Duck-and-Chicken relationship. Badminton and Table Tennis cannot mix! I mean its not possible to play a game of "badmintabletennis", right?

Adding Injury to Insult
Washing dirty linen in public makes front page headline while the headline "Brain Drain Affects Political Renewal Here" of all people by our Prime Minister was given a backseat in the 3rd page.
Constructive Criticism
But having said that, I must say that:

*Both of them bring some honours to the country and help in some ways to their respective sports.
*The Newspapers "The Straits Times" is an award-wining newspapers.


*****WHAT THE HACK!!! MUST CONTINUE WITH MY PURSUIT NOW. Got better things to do than washing dirty linen in public and reading rubbish in the papers. And I have to label this news under AMUSING NEWS ......obviously NOT HEADLINE.

P/s: Did you notice the number of Stars awarded?

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