Monday, April 14, 2008


Power of The Internet
Yesterday, I described the "Magic Box" you see in the Internet or in our homes as "ever-powerful modern-day magic box". The increasingly powerful and influential Internet that can send images to every corner of the earth at the click of the mouse. You can virtually post any any materials in the Internet. By the time the authorities stop it, it would have been resent like cancerous cells.

People have now realised the power and influence of the Internet. It has turn faceless persons into overnight celebrities. Of course, it can also turn someone into overnight villains if adverse materials are posted. Even the government and terrorists are using it as a propaganda tool. So that's how powerful the Internet is. The following videos will show you the different sides of the Internet.

Story 1
In Lakeland, Florida, a group of 8 teenagers planned a beating up their classmate, Victoria Lindsay, so that they can achieve FAME ON THE INTERNET.

One of the attackers invited Victoria to stay over and the attack took place in her home. Victoria was hit in the face and her head slammed against a wall, knocking here unconscious. She awoke in the living room couch surrounded by the girls, who took turns hitting and kicking her. The attack has shocked the United States, sparkling a debate on the rising power and influence of the Internet.

Story 2
In Paris, a Chinese National dubbed the "Wheelchair Angel", JingJing, became an instant hero and celebrity during the Olympic torch relay by holding on "tenaciously" to the Touch (as if her life depended on it) to keep the Olympic Spirit alive. She managed to turn adversity into hope and gain for herself and her country.

MISUSE OF INTERNET: The Attack of Teenage Girl


Moral of the Story
The Internet is Ever-Powerful and it is here to stay. You can either use it or misuse it and you can turn adversity into gain, hope and opportunity.

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