Thursday, April 10, 2008


Yeah....I am finally out of the water. I can breath normally again.The stress, the tension, the nail-biting moments of the last 3 days are over or should I say that it has somewhat subsided to the previous level. Life cannot be devoid of stress. Otherwise, that will be plain sailing and we won't know what calm is like if we have not gone through the storm.

When we have achieved something, we celebrate. We celebrate for many reasons.
Ever wonder WHY we are celebrating birthdays or new years? We are actually celebrating LIFE. Because you have lived or survived another year!!!.

So, let's celebrate for me & for yourselves for whatever reasons by lighting up some really cool fireworks. Pls click on this link: Fireworks in your Browser

This simple Java game produces a realistic-looking Fireworks show in your browser as you click the mouse on different points in the sky. Turn your speakers up and enjoy this mind-blowing pyrotechnics display.

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