Saturday, April 12, 2008


No blogging yesterday due to the "hangover" from the previous day's "Celebration".
Just Kidding. Just had quite a handful of things to catch up on and also making an excuse to relax after the hard work.

We all need to relax so as to release tension otherwise it gets all bottled up and explode and you go bonkers. People do all kinds of things to relax.

There is this guy who would go through the same ritual every morning at about 6 in the morning when it is still quite dark. He would park his motorcycle next to the field, walk to the middle of the field and then he would walk to and fro in various formation. He does it for about 5 or 10 minutes and then he's off on his motorbike to work, I presume.

It more like a ritual than a form of exercise. Looking at him gives me the feeling that he is just finding his own personal space in the middle of the field, his mind completely blank and listening to the quietness. Strange as it seems, I get this feeling just watching him going through his ritual.

Try the following simple facial exercise which you can do it all by yourself and feel relaxed and energised after that.

Talking about facial reminds me of my face. People say I don't smile. I say it is my nature. I remember some years ago during the annual review of my work performance, my boss asked me. She asked: Jimmy, why don't you smile a little. Without hesitation, I replied: BOSS, HOW CAN I SMILE WHEN EVERY YEAR YOU GIVE ME THE SAME SATISFACTORY REPORT. GUESS WHAT HAPPEN AFTER THAT FATEFUL REPLY. Want to know what happen??? Come back and check it out, OK?

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