Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Alcohol: Why Less Is More

For Boozing, it is a case of Less Is More & More Is Less.

Less Is More:
Research has shown that a little booze could do you good. Several recent studies have found that moderate drinking is associated with a lower risk for cardiovascular disease.

More Is Less:
However, the opposite is the case for drinking excessively which leads to alcoholism & all kinds of chronic diseases & social ills.

The Story:
In Singapore, a woman was DEAD within hours after a drinking binge. Ms Zhu Shaoyun, 31, a visitor from China, was found dead from ALCOHOL POISONING.
Apparently, the woman, who was having some marital problems, started by drowning an entire jug of beer. Then she knocked back a whole bottle of Cordonbleu Brandy - NEAT. And she drank all 750ml of that brandy in half an hour. She started throwing up and foaming at the mouth and nose. She became motionless and was pronounced dead thereafter.

The Coroner heard that her blood-alcohol level was 547mg/100ml, more that one and a half time the amount considered lethal. According to the Pathologist, anything above 350mg/100ml would be FATAL.

- Drink moderately and you are in god's good hands (Caution: No Excuse for Drinking)
- Drink excessively and "God knows what will happen to YOU"

Don't Be A Slave to Alcohol - It can Kill and..... If You Drink Don't Drive, If You Drive Don't Drink and If You Still Want To Drink Take A CRAB..............................................I mean CAB. Got It???!!!

Oh....if you still drink-drive, you are driving me crazy not from drinking but from this foolish act. Statistics show that Drink-Driving is one of the main causes of road accidents......don't be included in the statistics!

BUT SERIOUSLY........It can happen to you and life will change forever.....for the worst........ for you and your loved ones or the people affected by you.

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